Removable partial dentures consist of artificial teeth attached to a gum or mouth-colored base made from a variety of materials. Depending on the patient’s needs, oftentimes these prosthetics have metal clasps to attach to remaining healthy teeth, or they employ precision attachments that are more natural-looking.

Today’s alloy composition means a patient can have a smaller, lighter and more refined framework for improved esthetics and greater comfort. To hide the partial clasps, FRS clear or color shades are available. Thermoflex tooth-colored-clasps can be added to metal frames for far superior esthetics.

At Gibson Dental Designs, we have been fabricating removable dentures and partial dentures for more than 34 years. We offer a wide range of options for dentists and their patients, and offer one-one-one consultations to ensure each case has the best outcome.


At Gibson Dental, we offer both traditional metal framework and clasps as well as hidden clasps superior appearance. We understand that it’s imperative the framework for removable partial dentures to fit accurately and comfortably. A proper fit goes beyond comfort to ensure superior functionality and prevent damage or injury to the gums and remaining teeth. We use materials proven for their strength and durability.

  • Vitallium
  • Blue Herron

A base made of acrylic resin is what makes these removable partial dentures different from others. Acrylic partials are a more affordable option and typically don’t take as much time to fabricate as other options. Although they are easy to change and take in and out, patients usually find all acrylic removables to be more bulky and less comfortable than other options.


Flexible partial dentures are a newer alternative to traditional removable partials. Thermoplastic materials have been used in prosthetic dentistry for decades, but patient demand and manufacturer options continue to grow. 

Patients like these thin, flexible materials because they can feel so comfortable it’s like the prosthetic disappears. In addition to their strong durability, thermoplastic partial dentures don’t absorb odors or stains.


Snow Rock Denture System’s ACRY-TONE is a flexible dental resin used to make an aesthetic partial denture. The partial offers lightweight comfort, six different tissue shades or a clear acrylic color, a metal free design, low shrinkage and greater impact resistance. 

This perfect balance of strength and flexibility can be used in full dentures, flexible partials and even metal hybrid restorations. ACRY-TONE offers complete repairability and relinability. Snow Rock’s ACRY-TONE unilateral partials can be made for multiple or single units. Their simplicity means comfort.

FRS (Flexible Resin System)

Lucitone FRS Flexible Dental Resin is used to make esthetic partial dentures and strong nightguards. The material offers a range of flexibility, and the semi-crystalline nylon composition provides strength, high impact resistance and color stability.

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