The IMPAK Transparent appliance is a hard bite mouth guard or splint with soft retention. IMPAK can be a bruxism appliance with hard biting surfaces, a night retainer to assist in orthodontic correction, or used as a retainer for surgical packs and splints. It can also be used to fabricate a comfortable, precision-fitting mouth guard for athletes.

 IMPAK is a unique resilient heat-cure dental material. The finished appliance becomes compliant under hot water, which enables quick and easy seating of night guards chairside – with little time spent on adjustments.


Sports mouthguards come in many different forms and colors, but they all serve one purpose – protecting the teeth from hits to the head or face. Many athletes prefer custom mouthguards because the fit best and are more comfortable. They also provide better protection than generic mouthguards you can purchase in any sporting goods store. 

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